49th FCBM Conference

17 - 19 December 2021  |  ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata

Kolkata Attractions

Kolkata, the city that hovers between many sobriquets; amongst which “The City Of Joy” being the most popular, can truly be described as a fascinating and enigmatic metropolis bustling with activity, where age old traditions merge seamlessly with modern systems, where heritage exists alongside the uber modern and where every experience can have an endearingly hypnotic effect on a visitor.

Even before the first rays of the sun can announce a new dawn, a visitor to the many bathing “ghats” along the shores of the Ganges, sipping on a steaming clay-cup of “masala-chai”will be awe-struck by how the people of a city can so well blend the new with the old. Far away from modern gyms, people can be seen exercising the age-old traditional way, bathing in the river waters and offering their humble prayers to the revered Sun God. All this with a nonchalance towards the hustle and bustle of children boarding school buses, people rushing to work and a host of a myriad of activities.

As the clock ticks away, the city merges into the glitz and shine of a modern city where a Mercedes vies for right of passage with an Audi or a Honda with a Hyundai. Come evening and the revel spots are reverberating with life.This Epic City is a wonderful, beautiful experience in itself with its high culture, its music and films, its festivals, its people, its street side food, sweets, cuisine, its urban rhythms and, above all, its rooted acceptance of a multicultural existence. It is in fact a city of daily festivals of human life!!


Heritage – Indian Museum, Marble Palace, National Library, Victoria Memorial, New Market
Religion – Ramakrishna Mission, Belur, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Jain Temple, Birla Mandir, Nakhoda Mosque, Jewish Synagogue, St.Paul’s Cathedral
General & Amusement – Birla Planetarium, Science City, Eco Park, Eden Gardens, Prinsep Ghat, Nicco Park, Kolkata Gate, Wax Museum
Shopping – New Market and all the shopping Malls

Religious Places

The religious places in Kolkata reflect the diversified nature of the city and its people. Since the city houses people of diverse religious beliefs one can find temples, mosques, churches and synagogues in the city. The religious places in Kolkata includes Kalighat Temple, Dakhshineswar Kali Temple, Birla Mandir, Nakhoda Mosque, etc.

Monuments, Museums, Amusement

The Kolkata city has a glorious past and it is well exhibited by the buildings and monuments of the city. The city owes its existence to the British Raj and thus the famous Buildings and Monuments in the city are being built by the British reflecting the Western influence on the city. Some of the famous monuments& amusement places in the city are Victoria Memorial, Shaheed Minaar, Marble Palace, National Library, Birla Museum, Wax Museum, Eco Park, Nicco Park etc.

Shopping Complex / Malls

Shopping at Kolkata can be of great fun as the city is filled up with markets and malls. Over the years a large number of shopping malls and markets have sprung up and the numbers are increasing every year. For budget shopping, one can find Burrabazar Market, New Market, AC. Market, Vardan Market and Dakshinapan Shopping Complex as the ideal places for shopping. Apart from these markets, buying from malls like City Centre, South City Mall, Forum, Quest Mall etc. will give a great shopping experience.

Night Life

As a large metropolis, Kolkata also offers a variety of nightlife options for visitors. One can find many nightclubs in Kolkata, most of which offer more relaxing in lounge-type settings than a wild partying until the morning. Many famous nightclubs in Calcutta are located within hotels or sports clubs. You can find bars and pubs as well. Other types of night-time entertainment in Kolkata include night-time shopping, theatres and cinemas.